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How to Add a Sales Channel

1. Go to Settings.

2. Select Sales Channels.

3. If you have available Sales Channels to connect, you may set it up by clicking on the ‘Add New Sales Channel’ button located at the top right of the page.

4. Select the type of sales channel you would like to connect and click Continue.

5. Name your Sales Channel for reference and click on Connect.

6. You will then be brought to the respective marketplace integration page.

Shopee Integration

1. Select ‘Malaysia’ as the country for your seller account. Insert your account email and password and click Log In.

2. Click ‘Confirm Authorization’ to proceed with the integration process.

3. You’ll be brought back to the Sales Channel page and you may find the newly-created sales channel there!

Lazada Integration

1. Select Malaysia as the country. Insert your account email and password and click Submit.

2. And that’s it, you’ll be redirected to the Sales Channel page and you’ll find your newly-created sales channel there!


*All your Shopee or Lazada store product information will be auto-migrated into SiteGiant Lite for the first time setup.

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