How To Integrate With WowShop

1. Introduction
2. Set Up WowShop Integration

1. Introduction

WowShop is a content commerce company, which operates a home shopping business and e-commerce in Malaysia through various platforms such as television, electronic commerce, and mobile commerce. WowShop offers every Malaysian an innovative and exciting way to shop, with the aim to provide an interactive and hassle-free shopping experience.

📌Note: Before you start, make sure you have signed up for a seller account with WowShop. If you do not have a seller account yet, may proceed with the sign up here

2. Set Up WowShop Integration

Step 1: Log in to your seller account at WOWSHOP Partner System

Step 2: Navigate to the Vendor menu > choose API Key Management

Step 3: Click on the Add (+) button > fill in the API Key Description and details > tick to confirm

📌Note: Kindly insert 1azq3zhCe3tXtyVVCFt8ePNYRKXaW at the Partner Token column

Step 4: WowShop API Key will be generated > copy the API Key

Step 5: Log in to your SiteGiant Seller Center > add [+] channels > choose Wowshop

Step 6: Enter the Channel Name > paste the API Key > Connect

You are now successfully integrated your WowShop with SiteGiant!

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