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How To Sync Back Products From Marketplaces

1. Introduction
2. Sync Back Product

1. Introduction

Integration with marketplaces allows sellers to sync products between SiteGiant and the marketplace seller center. Once the seller integrates the marketplace seller account via the Sales Channels of SiteGiant, the products and orders will be synced back automatically. SiteGiant will fetch the latest product information changes made in the seller center and update back every day at midnight.

If you wish to sync back the latest product information changes manually to SiteGiant, kindly refer to the guide below.

2. Sync Back Product

Step 1: Go to Products > click into marketplace Product Listing

Step 2: Click Sync Back Product > Sync Selected / Sync All

Sync Selected: Select any product(s) and sync back the information for the particular product(s) only
Sync All: Any product(s) information which have made changes in seller center will be synced back

Step 3: Allow some time for the syncing process

Step 4: A message will pop out once the synchronization completed

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