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How To Boost Your Sales With WhatsApp Commerce

1. Introduction
2. Connect WhatsApp Account
3. Create WhatsApp Order Form
4. Share Link To Customer
5. Place Order (From Customer Perspective)

1. Introduction

WhatsApp Order Forms is a feature that allows you to create order forms that make it easy for customers to place orders directly with you via WhatsApp. When customers message you via WhatsApp, you may send it to them to complete the purchase process.

2. Connect WhatsApp Account

Step 1: Log in to your SiteGiant Seller Center > add [+] channels > choose WhatsApp

Step 2: Insert Channel Name, Display Name, and Mobile No. > click Connect

3. Create WhatsApp Order Form

Step 1: Go to WhatsApp from the SiteGiant dashboard menu

Step 2: Click on + Add Order Form button

Step 3: Fill up your Form Title

Step 4: Click on the + Select Products button

Step 5: Choose your product from your Webstore product list and Add Product into the order form

Step 6: Save your order form once done

Step 1: Once the order form is created, click on the WhatsApp icon to get the share link

Step 2: Send out the WhatsApp Form link to your customer

5. Place Order (From Customer Perspective)

Step 1: Customers will need to fill up their contact details, such as Name, Mobile Number, and Email Address

Step 2: Customers may just insert the quantity for the product they wish to purchase and click Checkout

Step 3: Customers can proceed to place the order from the checkout page on your webstore

Step 4: If there are any queries, customers can reach you by clicking on the Send Message button

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