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How To Integrate With Unicart Store

1. Introduction
2. Set Up Unicart Integration

1. Introduction

Unicart is a comprehensive e-commerce system that allows merchants to sell online through the website and multiple channels. You can now integrate your Unicart with SiteGiant to easily sync over your Unicart product listings, orders, and inventories.

2. Set Up Unicart Integration

Step 1: Log in to your SiteGiant Seller Center > add [+] channels > choose Unicart

Step 2: Enter Channel Name, Unicart Domain Name, and Unicart API Key > click Connect

Kindly email the below template to the SiteGiant Support Team (support@sitegiant.my) to get the Unicart API Key.

Subject: Unicart Integration with SiteGiant

I have a Unicart account and would like to request the Unicart API Key for SiteGiant's Unicart integration.

Unicart Domain Name: www.yourdomainname.com

You are now successfully integrated your Unicart with SiteGiant!

📌Note: Your existing products in Unicart will be synced back to SiteGiant’s Unicart Listing automatically.

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