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How to Create New Unicart Listing (without variant)

1. Go to the Products menu and click on Unicart Listing.

2. Click on the ‘Add Product‘ button.

3. Link the product with your Inventory Item (iSKU) at the Link with Inventory.

4. Enter Product Name in Title* field. Recommendation: Brand + Model + Type / Attribute.

5. Enter the Identity Code of the product in SKU* field. SKU must be unique, and no special characters such as !@#$%^&*():”<>?

6. Enter a Description of the product to attract customers to buy from you. You may also insert some images in the description.

7. Highlight is to insert the selling point of the product you wish to attract customers. May use bullet points to organize the selling points.

8. What’s in the box is to list the item(s) customers expect to receive.

9. Upload product Images.

10. Enter the Price of the product to sell.

11. Enter Cost for your own record purpose, it won’t display on your UniCart store.

12. Choose Tax Class if the product is subject to tax.

13. Enable Track Inventory to auto deduct inventory when an order is made. May disable if it is a pre-order product.

14. The Quantity of the product will be based on the quantity of the inventory item once linked.

15. Enable Requires Shipping if the product will be charged with delivery fees.

16. Enable Free Shipping if the shipping fee is waived for this particular product.

17. Enter the Weight of the package to calculate the shipping fee, default in KG.

18. Enter Dimensions of the package in Length x Width x Height, default in CM.

19. SEO Friendly URL is the product page URL link that will be automatically generated based on product title. Require mandatory and unique.

20. Page Title is the title of the product page that will be shown.

21. Meta Tag Description is used to describe the summary of the product page to the search engine.

22. Click on the ‘Save & Set Status On‘ button to sync the product information to Unicart store with the status on.

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