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How to Set Up E-Invoice

1. Navigate to My Apps from the dashboard menu.

2. Click into E-Invoice apps.

3. Enable status for ‘Webstore Status‘ and Save the settings.

Note: Kindly ignore Public Link Status as this feature is still in development.

4. Then, go to Menu Management from the Webstore dashboard.

5. Edit the menu (Header/Footer) to add menu navigation for E-Invoice.

6. Click on ‘Add Menu Item‘ to add a new menu.

7. Insert the Page Name, choose Link to Internal page. Then, select the page as ‘App‘ and choose ‘E-Invoice‘.

8. Remind to ‘Save‘ the Menu Management after edit.

9. From the customer’s perspective, they can print out the invoice themselves from the webstore frontend.

Note: You may have to provide your customer with your SiteGiant Lite webstore domain name link.

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