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How To Set Up E-Invoice

1. Introduction
2. Set Up E-invoice
3. Search And Print E-invoice (From Customer Perspective)

1. Introduction

When your customers placed an order from your marketplaces stores, they might request to have an invoice of their purchases. With E-invoice, you may just guide them to your webstore to check and print their marketplaces order by themselves.

2. Set Up E-invoice

Step 1: Navigate to Apps on the dashboard menu > Webstore > E-invoice

Step 2: Enable the Webstore Status > Save

📌Note: Kindly ignore Public Link Status as this feature is still in development

Step 3: Go to Webstore on the dashboard menu > Menu Management

Step 4: Click on Edit button for Header / Footer > + Add Menu Item

Step 5: Set your Menu Name > choose Link to Internal page > choose App and E-invoice > Save

3. Search And Print E-invoice (From Customer Perspective)

Step 1: Customer can access to e-invoice from the menu > fill in the Order ID and last 4 digit of contact no. > Search

Step 2: The invoice will be generated > click on Print Invoice to print out the invoice

1. The Print Invoice button will only be shown to the order with Paid, Processed and Completed status
2. The invoice template can be customized in Settings > General > Document Template > Invoice

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