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How To Apply Product Label

1. Introduction
2. Apply Product Label
3. Additional Information

1. Introduction

Product Label enables you to attract your customer with eye-catching images. You may use existing labels such as Best Seller, New Arrival, Coming Soon and etc, or design your own labels and apply them to your products.

2. Apply Product Label

Step 1: Go to Webstore > Product Label

Step 2: Click on + Add Product Label

Step 3: You can choose to display the product label by Text or Image. If by Text, choose Display as Text > insert Product Label Name > customize the Background and Text > choose the Label Shape and Position

Step 4: If by Image, choose Display as Image > upload the product label Image > choose the Position for your product label

📌Note: Image must be in PNG file format with transparent background. The recommended image size is 100px x 100px.

Step 5: Click on the + Select Products button to add this product label to your products

Step 6: Tick the products > Add Product

Step 7: Save

Step 8: Make sure the Status is enabled

📝Additional Information

You can click Download New Template to download our ready-made template

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