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How to Add and Manage Customer Account

Once your customers register for an account through your webstore, their details will then be stored in the Customer List. You’ll be able to manage your customer details through the platform:

Add Customer

Apart from having customers sign up through your Webstore, you may also manually create a customer’s account from the SiteGiant Lite Admin Backend. Here’s how:

1. Go to Customers along the menu dashboard in SiteGiant Lite.

2. Click on the + Add New Customer button at the right top.

3. Fill up the Customer Details and Primary Address of the customer.

Learn more about How to Manage Customer Groups.

4. Save once you’re done filling up the customer information.

Edit Customer

1. Click on customer name to edit customer details if necessary.

2. You may edit the customer’s profile details here.

View Customer Transaction

1. Click on customer name to view the details, you may also check the customer shopping behavior through the Purchase History and Order History.

Delete Customer

1. From the customer list, ‘tick‘ on the customer and select the Delete icon.

2. Then, confirm the deletion.

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