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How to Manage Customer Groups

Customer Group enables you to categorize your customers by type, to offer specific things to certain customers.

Add Customer Group

1. Go to Customer Groups on the dashboard in SiteGiant Lite.

2. Click on the + New Group button, to add a new customer group.

3. Fill in the Customer Group Name. As for the Description, it is optional to fill up for your reference only.

4. Then, click Save to add new customer group.

Edit Customer Group

1. From the Customer Groups page, click the name of the customer group to edit.

2. Edit the details of the existing customer group.

3. Then, click Save to keep the changes made.

Delete Customer Group

1. From the Customer Groups page, ‘tick‘ on the customer group and click on the Delete icon.

2. Then, confirm on the deletion.

Set As Default Customer Group

1. Select the Customer Group and Set As Default.

2. Whenever there is a new customer registered, the Customer Group of that customer will be based on the default group.

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