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How To Set Up KiplePay Payment Gateway

1. Introduction
2. Set Up KiplePay Payment Gateway
3. Test Checkout Via KiplePay (From Customer Perspective)

1. Introduction

KiplePay is one of the fastest-growing E-Wallet in Malaysia. KiplePay payment gateway offers your customers multiple payment channels to proceed with payment from your SiteGiant webstore.

Make sure you have a registered account with KiplePay as you will need the Merchant ID and Merchant Secret to proceed with integration.

If you do not have KiplePay yet, you may sign up for a business account here.

2. Set Up KiplePay Payment Gateway

Step 1: Go to Settings > Payments

Step 2: Click the + Add Payment Method > select KiplePay > Add Payment Method to confirm

Step 3: Fill in KiplePay details such as Display Name, Merchant ID, Merchant Secret, Description, Customer Group, and Minimum Order Amount

1. Display Name: The payment name to display in the Payment Method during the checkout process
2. Merchant ID*: Merchant ID that given by KiplePay
3. Merchant Secret*: Merchant Secret that given by KiplePay
4. Description: Extra information to be shown to the customer during checkout
5. Customer Group: The Customer Group that is applicable for this payment method (if no selection it will apply to all customer groups)
6. Minimum Order Amount: The order amount that needs to be reached to use this payment method

Step 4: You may set extra transaction charges applied to the customer at the Payment Settings(optional)

Step 5: Once done, click on the Add button at the top right corner > make sure the status of KiplePay is enabled

3. Test Checkout Via KiplePay (From Customer Perspective)

Step 1: You are highly recommended to try checkout on your Webstore to ensure the payment method is working as expected

Step 2: If the page is redirecting to the KiplePay payment page, then you are successfully integrated with KiplePay

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