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How To Print Webstore Shipping Label

1. Introduction
2. Arrange Shipment
3. Update Tracking Number
4. Print Shipping Label

1. Introduction

When your customers place orders in your webstore, you will have to arrange shipment and ship it to customers by courier services. Now, you can fulfill webstore orders and print Shipping Label, Packing List, or Invoice based on the customizable settings in one place from SiteGiant!

📌Note: Before fulfill orders, please configure shipping label settings to integrate with courier services and customize the template of shipping label, packing list and invoice.

2. Arrange Shipment

Step 1: Go to Pending tab > To Arrange

Step 2: Select orders > Select Courier to assign courier service

Step 3: Select courier service that integrated in Shipping Label Settings > Continue

Step 4: Refresh the page > you are able to view the assigned courier service on the orders

Step 5: Select orders > Arrange Shipment

📌Note: Only orders with same courier able to arrange shipment together

Step 6: Select arrange shipment options for selected courier service e.g. Dropoff or Pickup, Delivery Date & Time etc. > Continue

Step 7: The order will be in In Queue tab and will move to To Process tab once it is arrange successfully

3. Update Tracking Number

Step 1: Go to To Process tab > click on Processing tab

Step 2: Select the orders > click on the update icon or Update Tracking No. button if the tracking number is not updated

4. Print Shipping Label

Step 1: Once tracking number is updated, the orders will move to To Print tab

Step 2: You may print the Pick List before printing out the Shipping Label. Select Orders > Print Pick List (optional)

Step 3: Select orders > click on Bulk Print button to print the shipping label

Step 4: Click Print from the preview page to print out the shipping label

Step 5: All printed orders will move to Printed tab once you refresh the page

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