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How to Place Order Using SiteGiant POS

SiteGiant POS allows you to create orders directly for your walk-in customers without the need to create manual orders from ERP.

Step 1: Login to SiteGiant POS
Step 2: Select Products ( with and without variants) and Add To Cart
Step 3: Edit Cart
Step 4: Add Additional Discount
Step 5: Payment

Please ensure that you have downloaded and installed SiteGiant POS on your device.
You can download the SiteGiant POS from both Google Play Store and App Store.
Google Play: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=co.sitegiant.sgpos
App Store: https://apps.apple.com/my/app/sitegiant-pos/id1609151932

Step 1: Login to SiteGiant POS

1. Log into your SiteGiant POS by using your SiteGiant ERP login credentials.

Step 2: Select Products ( with and without variants) and Add To Cart

1. You can search for the Product you want by entering the Product Name or SKU into the Search column, and tapping on the Enter button on the device keyboard.

2. Tap on the product to add to the cart. If the product is with variants, a pop-up will appear for you to select the Option and Quantity.

3. You can set a Special Price by entering the amount into the Special Price Per Unit column.

4. Click on Add to Cart.

5. Tap on a Standalone Product (without variant), and it will be added to cart directly. The quantity added is based on the number of taps you tapped on the product.

Step 3: Edit Cart

1. Tap on the Edit button on the Cart panel.

2. The product Cart Details will appear, you can make your changes on the Quantity, Special Price Per Unit, and the Variant Options (if the selected product is a product with variants). Once done, click Submit

Step 4: Add Additional Discount

1. Tap on the Discount button.

2. Select between discount by Percentage (%) or Amount ($), and enter the Value. Then click on Done.

3. The Discount column will then be updated and reflect the value accordingly.

Step 5: Payment

1. Once all the products, quantities, special prices, and discounts are entered, click on the Pay button.

2. Select the payment method, between Credit/Debit Card, E-Wallet, and if Cash, enter the amount paid by the customer, and if the customer paid in cash for the exact amount, you can click on the Exact Amount button. After that, tap Pay.

3. If there is any balance needed to give back to the customer, the change will be displayed on screen. Tap on Print Invoice to print the invoice or Bluetooth Print to print the receipt. To complete the POS order, click Complete.

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