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How To Add New SiteGiant POS Listing

1. Introduction
2. Add New SiteGiant POS Listing
3. Additional Information

1. Introduction

After setting up SiteGiant POS in the Sales Channel, you can create product listings in SiteGiant POS Listing to sell in SiteGiant POS system.

📌Note: You must have the inventory items ready before creating your products. Learn more on How To Create Inventory Item.

2. Add New SiteGiant POS Listing

Step 1: Navigate to Products > SiteGiantPOS Listing > Add Product.

Step 2: If your product has variants, enable the Product has variants status. Otherwise, click the Search Inventory to link the product with Inventory iSKU.

Step 3: Fill in the SKU, Product Name and Description.

Step 4: Upload your product images (Recommended: Image size less than 2MB).

Step 5: For product that does not have variants, the Price and Quantity will be auto-filled based on the selected inventory item.

📌Note: If you wish to allocate a certain quantity of stock to sell on SiteGiant POS, enable the Set Allocated Stock and allocate the stock quantity.

Step 6: If the Product has variants enabled, you will find this Variation section. Enter the Option Name and Values. Maximum can up to 2 types of Variation.

Step 7: Click Search Inventory and link with the inventory item that was created for each variant. You may click on the Variants Image field to choose an image that was uploaded above. The SKU, stock and price will be auto-filled based on the selected inventory item.

Step 8: Set the Visibility > Save.

📝Additional Information

1. Bulk Copy Listing

If you are selling in Webstore, Shopee and Lazada channels, you can copy products from these Product Listing to SiteGiant POS Listing. Learn more on How To Use Bulk Copy Listing.

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