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How to Create Order Manually

Most of the time, you’ll be receiving orders automatically when customers place order through your webstore. However, in some cases, you may receive orders through other sources such as WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Instagram, etc. Hence, in order to keep track of your orders and inventory, you may manually create these custom orders in the platform.

1. Select Orders > All Orders on the menu dashboard.

2. Click on the + Add Order button.

3. Click on Search Customer at Customer Info to insert the customer details.

4. Choose the customer from your existing customers list, or you can also Add New Customer if the customer details is not in the list.

5. The customer’s Billing Address and Shipping Address will be displayed once added. You may click the Edit icon if you wish to amend the information.

6. Then, go to Order Details and Search for the products.

7. Look for the product that the customer has ordered, ‘tick‘ the product and click the Add Product button.

8. After that, you may adjust the quantity of the product. You may also remove the product from the Order List if you have accidentally added the wrong product.

9. Click on the Add Shipping Fee, to select a shipping method for the order.

10. Choose the preferable shipping method, and Save.

11. Next, go to Payment and choose the payment method.
Note: You may ‘tick’ the Mark this order as paid if you received the payment, if the customer has made payment in advance. (optional).

12. At the top-right section, you may add on your own Seller Note for reference. Then, you can also upload the Attachments if there is any payment proof provided from the customer. (optional)

13. Finally, click the Create button and the order with new Order ID will be created.

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