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How To Set Up Google Login

1. Introduction
2. Create New Project
3. Set Up OAuth Consent Screen
4. Create Credentials
5. Set Up Google Login Integration

1. Introduction

With Google Login, customers can quickly register on your webstore using their Google account with a simple click. Without the need to fill out the registration form and remember the password, it could help speed up the customer checkout process.

2. Create New Project

Step 1: Sign in to Google Cloud API Console > click on Select a project > New Project.

Step 2: Insert the Project name > Create.

Step 1: Go to the OAuth consent screen > choose External User Type > Create.

Step 2: Under App information, fill in the App name and User support email.

Step 3: Under the Authorised domains, click + ADD DOMAIN and insert your webstore URL without https:// > fill in your email addresses > Save And Continue.

Step 4: Save and Continue the steps till the end > Back to Dashboard.

4. Create Credentials

Step 1: Go to Credentials > + Create Credentials > OAuth client ID.

Step 2: Choose the Application type as Web application

Step 3: Insert the Name for the credentials.

Step 4: Click on + ADD URI and insert your domain name as below under Authorised JavaScript origins and Authorised redirect URIs > Create.

Authorised JavaScript origins

Authorised redirect URIs
https://yourdomainname.com/ (with slash /)
https://www.yourdomainname.com/ (with slash /)

Step 5: Copy the Client ID for later use.

5. Set Up Google Login Integration

Step 1: Log in to SiteGiant Seller Center > navigate to Apps on the sidebar menu > Webstore & Shopping App > Google Login.

Step 2: Enable the Status > paste the Client ID to the respective field > Save.

Step 3: The Login with Google button will be available on the Customer Login page.

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