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How to Fulfill Shopee’s Delivered by Seller (DBS) Orders

1. Introduction
2. Configure the Settings
3. Process Delivered by Seller (DBS) Orders
4. Print Shipping Label

1. Introduction

If you are selling fresh vegetables, frozen food, or electronic items, the order fulfillment process could be a challenge for you. The great news is now here! You can now process the Delivered By Seller orders from SiteGiant!

2. Configure the Settings

Step 1: Go to Orders > All Orders > Order Processing > Shopee, Lazada & TikTok > More (…) > Shipping Label Settings.

Step 2: Customize your Shopee Delivered By Seller (DBS) Shipping Label Template by configuring the setting on General, Shipping Label Template, Packing Listing Template, Invoice Template, and the Courier Service Settings.

General Settings

Fill in the Store Name, Contact Number, and Address that will reflect the details on your customized Shipping Label.

Shipping Label Template

In Others (Delivered by Seller) Shipping Label, you can upload Shipping Label Logo. Enable Packing Note if you wish to display the self-entered packing note to notify the picker/packer. Customize the Item List information which will be shown at the bottom of the Shipping Label.

📌Note: Auto Dropship’s Info only for Shopee CRM – How to Change Shopee Shipping Label Sender Information for Dropship

Packing List Template

Customize the Packing List information. This packing list can be printed along with the shipping label.

Invoice Template

Customize the Invoice template, which you can set to print along with the shipping label.

Courier Service Settings

Step 1: Customize the Courier Service Settings of Others (Delivered by Seller) by clicking the ‘Edit‘ icon.

Step 2: Select the Packing List and Invoice if you wish to print, along with the Shipping Label.

Step 3: Choose how many copies of Shipping Label you wish to print.

Step 4: Click ‘Apply’ to save the Courier Service Settings.

Step 5: Remember to ‘Save‘ the Shipping Label Settings once done the configuration.

📌Note: If you have multiple Shopee stores, you can change the store channel or perform Copy Settings. Learn more - How To Copy Settings to Other Shopee Stores.

3. Process Delivered by Seller (DBS) Order

Step 1: Navigate to Order Processing.

Step 2: Select ShopeeMY, then go to the Pending section and click on the To Arrange Tab.

Step 3: Select the Order allocated in the Others tab, and insert the Tracking Number with the + Add button. The Tracking Number shall sync and update to Shopee Seller Centre.

Once the tracking number is done updated, you can select All Orders and proceed to Arrange Shipment.

📌Important Notes

(i) Tracking Number must be added first before Arrange Shipment in order to sync to Shopee Seller Centre. 

(ii) Add Tracking Number in other sessions like To Process or Shipped. The Tracking Number will be only reflected in SiteGiant and will not be synced to Shopee Seller Centre.

4. Print Shipping Label

Step 1: From the To Process section, go to the To Print tab.

Step 2: Click on the Others tab, select all the orders, then you may print the Pick List before printing out the shipping label. (optional)

Step 3: Then print the Shipping Label by clicking on the Bulk Print button on the top right.

Step 4: Click the Print button from the Print Preview page. The Packing List and Invoice will be printed along with Shipping Label if you have enabled it earlier.

Step 5: Refresh the page, and all the printed orders will go to the Printed tab.

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