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How To Bulk Update Webstore Listing

1. Introduction
2. Export Products
3. Import Products

1. Introduction

Too many products to update in a short time? Instead of updating all your products one by one in the system, you can now export all your product, amend the products in the Excel file, and import it to your Webstore Listing when it is complete.

2. Export Products

Step 1: Navigate to Products > Webstore Listing > More(…) > Export Products

Step 2: Choose to export All Products or Selected Products > Export

Step 3: Download the Excel file from Exported List > Open the Excel file

Step 4: Modify the product details in the Excel file

📌Note: You may delete the column which will not be updated except for the required (red) column

Column Description Sample Data
parent_sku parent SKU for variant grouping zselle-eyeshadow
type single product or with variants product: single product
group: with variants
name product name Z’SELLE Eyeshadow
isku inventory item SKU zselle-eyeshadow-hot
sku product code zselle-eyeshadow-hot
brand brand name Z’SELLE
free_shipping whether offer free shipping no / yes
option1 name variant option name Color / Size
option1 value variant option value Red, Black / S, M, L
weight weight of the product (kg) 1
length (dimension) length of the product (cm) 10
width (dimension) width of the product (cm) 10
height (dimension) height of the product (cm) 10
cost cost price (RM) 50
price unit price (RM) 100
special_price promotion price (RM) 70
special_price_date_start promotion start date 2022-06-17
special_price_date_end promotion end date 2023-06-17
inventory stock quantity 1000
set_allocated_stock whether wish to allocate a certain quantity to sell on webstore no / yes
allocated_stock stock quantity of the allocated stock 20
description product specification content. Require HTML code to align the content. <p>This is testing product</p>
status condition to publish product active
image Image link to upload as product thumbnail https://…

Step 5: To edit special_price, the price is a required column

Step 6: If the special_price_date_start and special_price_date_end columns are blank, then the special price will be offered without the due date

Step 7: If the product listings have variants, the Option Name and Option Value columns must be in Excel together, and cannot be without each other

Step 8: inventory, set_allocated_stock, and allocated_stock are used for display purposes only. Inventory update has to go through Inventory adjustment features, while Allocated Stock changes have to be performed in the system.

Step 9: Save the Excel file once done edit

3. Import Products

Step 1: Navigate to Products > Webstore Listing > More(…) > Import Products

Step 2: Upload the Excel file > Next

Step 3: If there are any errors in the Excel uploaded, you will see the error message in Errors and Warnings and it will show the error column in the Data Preview. Amend the error column and reupload the file. Click on Proceed if the file uploaded does not have errors.

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