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How to Use the Barcode Label

Easily generate and print out the Barcode/QRcode label for your product SKUs.

Step 1: Barcode Label Settings
Step 2: Print Barcode Label

Step 1: Barcode Label Settings

1. Navigate to My Apps on the menu dashboard.

2. Select the Barcode Label app.

3. There will be a list of barcode label sizes available. Decide on the size you’ll like to print and click on ‘Set As Default’ button to pick the size.

4. For more settings of the barcode label, click on the edit icon.

Settings Information

i) Customization of the SKU Barcode/QRcode label.

ii) Select sample data to test preview and print

iii) Click on the Save button to keep all the customizations you have set.

Step 2: Print Barcode Label

1. Navigate to Inventory > All Inventory Items.

2. Select the product SKUs you’ll like to print the barcode and click on Print Barcode.

3. Click on Yes, Confirm to view the list of barcodes for printing.

4. In the list of barcodes, click on the Barcode icon to print.

5. A preview will pop up. If it’s ready to print, click on the Print Barcode button to proceed.

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