1. How To Setup Commission Staff

How To Setup Commission Staff

1. Introduction
2. Assigned Commission Staff In Sales Channel
3. Assigned Commission Staff In All Orders

1. Introduction

Have difficulty tracking your employees’s performance accurately?
Implementing a Commission Staff based on sales amount is a strategic approach to tracking your staff performance while rewarding employees for their direct impact on the company’s success. It creates a win-win situation in which motivated and high-performing employees help the organization grow while benefiting from their efforts. Aside from that, assigning commission staff to employees based on sales channels or specific orders allows you to optimize their sales strategy, align teams with business priorities, and assist them in adapting to new challenges.

This feature is only available for Premium Add On.

2. Assigned Commission Staff In Sales Channel

Step 1: Log in to your SiteGiant Seller Center > click [+] channels > press Authorized Channel.

Step 2: Click Setting button under Action.

Step 3: Select Staff under Commission Staff for the related channel > Save.

3. Assigned Commission Staff In All Orders

You may miss out on assigning commission staff on the Sales Channel page. However, the order is already in. Then you can use this step to reassign to the right staff.

Step 1: Navigate to Orders > All Orders > click the Order ID.

Step 2: Click Edit under Commission Staff.

Step 3: Select Staff In Charge > Save.

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