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How to Retrieve Shopify Admin API Token

1. Login to your Shopify account HERE.

2. Navigate to Apps on the menu dashboard.

3. After that, click on the ‘Develop apps‘ at the top.

4. Then, click on ‘Create an app‘.

5. Insert your App name and choose the App developer, hence proceed to Create app.

6. Go to the Configuration tab, and configure on the Admin API integration.

7. Under the Admin API access scopes, ‘tickRead and Write access for ALL available permissions.

Note: Remind to scroll all the way down to check, and Save the configuration once done.

8. Go to API credentials, and proceed to install the app.

9. Next, reveal the token then COPY and save your Admin API Token in a secure place.

10. Use this Admin API Token to integrate with your SiteGiant store. – How to Integrate Shopify Store with Shopify Sync

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