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How to Replace Watermark Origin Image

1. Introduction
2. Delete Origin Image
3. Reapply Product Image

1. Introduction

If you have changed a new main product image, and you wish to sync and store the watermark with the new origin image, you may follow the steps below to replace the origin image.

2. Delete Origin Image

Step 1: Go to Apps > Marketplaces > Shopee Product Watermark / Lazada Product Watermark

Step 2: Select the product which has the new main product image > click delete button to delete current origin image

Step 3: Click Delete to confirm the action

3. Reapply Product Watermark

Step 1: Select products > click ‘Apply

Step 2: Choose the image source > select the watermark > Sync to Shopee

Step 3: Click ‘Yes, Confirm’ to add and sync the watermark

Step 4: The products will be in queue to sync the watermark. Once synced successfully, the Origin Image will be replaced with the new product image

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