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How To Remind Customers Of Their Abandoned Cart

1. Introduction
2. Activate Abandoned Checkout
3. Send Reminder To Customers

1. Introduction

Sometimes customers may be too busy or may have gotten distracted during their online shopping. Hence, the checkout process may not be completed by the customer. No worries, not all sales are lost. The abandoned checkout features will help you gently remind customers to checkout their orders, by automatically sending an automatic reminder email.

2. Activate Abandoned Checkout

Step 1: Navigate to Settings > Checkout

Step 2: Enable Abandoned Cart Activation to save the abandoned checkout record if the customers do not complete the checkout process

Step 3: You can also enable Abandoned Cart Reminder to send an email to customers who do not complete their order

3. Send Reminder To Customers

Step 1: Go to Orders > Abandoned Checkouts

Step 2: Click the Abandoned Order ID to view the details

Step 3: Click Send Reminder to send a reminder email manually to the customer’s email address

Step 4: The status change to Sent once clicked on send reminder

Learn more on How To Customize Notification Email Templates for the reminder notification email

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