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How To Manage Marketplace Return Order

1. Introduction
2. Retrieve Customer Return And Failed Delivery Orders
3. Restore Returned Item
4. Additional Information

1. Introduction

Sometimes, you may face a problem whereby the product is delivered in a condition that the customer is not satisfied with. As a consumer, the customer may request a product return and a refund for the product. Another situation is, the parcel might fail to deliver to the customer due to some reasons, and you are unsure whether the order products have been returned to you.

With Marketplace Order Return Management, it is easier to keep track of the return and failed delivery orders from Lazada, Shopee and TikTok, and then restore the returned items to inventory.

2. Retrieve Customer Return And Failed Delivery Orders

Step 1: Go to Apps > Marketplaces > Marketplace Order Return Management.

Step 2: Click on the Sync Customer Return Order button to retrieve the recent marketplace return orders.

Step 3: Sync Summary will pop up and you can see how many orders have been synced back from each marketplace.

Step 4: The orders will be listed under the Customer Return and Refund tab.

Step 5: You can search the order by scanning or inserting Return Order Tracking Number or with the filter below.

Step 6: In the case of failed delivery order, the courier returned the parcel to you. You can scan or insert the Original Tracking Number to retrieve the order.

3. Restore Returned Item

If the item returned by the customer is in good condition and you decide to restore to inventory. You can follow these steps:

Step 1: Press Select Stock In Draft to draft the Item’s Stock Adjustment.

Step 2: Click Add Stock In Draft.

Step 3: Select Warehouse and Reason which are mandatory updates, then add your Remark and Notes if needed.

Step 4: Once Stock In Draft is created, click the related marketplace order ID to restore the inventory.

Step 5: Select Stock In Draft > Restored the stock > click Add Item To Draft.

Step 6: Once the stock has been restored, you can click Revert Stock In From Draft to change the stock again(if needed) > click Proceed Stock In.

1. Proceed Stock In: You may proceed to submit the draft stock with the latest Stock Draft that you are created. 
3. Reselect Stock In Draft: You can Add Stock In Draft or Select if dont want to use current Stock Draft.

Step 7: Once click Proceed Stock In, you will be redirected to the Stock In page > click Save.

📌Note: You only can edit Remarks and Notes under Stock In Details.

Step 8: The order that already restores to inventory will be marked with a green tick.

📝Additional Information

1. Marketplace Return Order Status

Step 1: When you received the return parcel from the customer, you can check to mark the Return parcel has been received column for your record.

Step 2: You may add Parcel Received Date and Remark by clicking on Edit Note > Save.

Step 3: Orders that are already marked received will be marked with a green tick too.

2. Update Order Status

Step 1: When the order is shipped and fulfilled, the order status will be updated to Completed, which will be the order’s last status. When the order is returned, the order status will not automatically update. Thus, you can manually mark the order as the Returned status.

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