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How to Link Marketplace Product with Existing Inventory Item

If your inventory in SiteGiant is still empty, you may perform Bulk Inventory Linking for the first time to insert all the product SKU into SiteGiant’s Inventory. Please refer to the guide – How to Use the Bulk Inventory Linking Tool

Below will the guide on the linking between your marketplace product with existing inventory item of SiteGiant.

1. Go to Marketplaces Menu, and choose Bulk Inventory Linking.

2. Choose the Channel Store, for those marketplace product that wish to perform linking.

3. When system detect the Marketplace Product SKU is same as your Inventory Item iSKU, you will able to ‘Confirm‘ on the linking.

1. Use 'Bulk Confirm' button to fasten the linking process, if you are sure that the linking within same SKU is correct.
2. Thus, using the SKU for the same product or item among all marketplace seller stores will be encouraged, as it will ease your linking process.
3. If you notice 'Insert' button instead, this mean that the SKU is not existing in your SiteGiant Inventory as an item iSKU yet.

4. “Draft Listing” will be shown once clicked ‘Confirm’. Then, proceed with the Review Draft Listing.

5. Your products in the marketplace listing will be linked with the existing inventory item now. Check on the list accordingly and once you are confirmed, click on the Confirm and Save Listing to proceed with the linking process.

6. Once the linking process is complete, you’ll see the marketplace product SKU is linked with Inventory item iSKU.

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