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How to Keep Track of Competitor’s Products from Lazada

It is very competitive in the marketplaces nowadays. With Competitor Analysis App, you are able to conveniently keep track of your competitor’s products from Lazada and utilize the information gained to improve your product performance and sales.

Step 1: Add Product to Analyze
Step 2: Add Marketplace Competitor’s Product Link
Step 3: Compare the Analyzed Results

Step 1: Add Product to Analyze

1. First, navigate to My Apps on the dashboard in SiteGiant.

2. Select the Competitor Analysis Apps.

3. Click on the + Analyze Competitor button at the top right.

4. Search the product with Product Name or SKU then click Select to add the product to analyze.

1. Go to Lazada and Copy the competitor’s product URL Link.

2. Head back to the Competitor Analysis App and click on the Add Competitor Link button at the top right.

3. Paste the Lazada product URL Link and click Add.

4. The marketplace product details which were added will be listed down.
* For better accuracy, the ranking table is only available the day after you add the competitor’s URL.

Step 3: Compare the Analyzed Results

1. Through the Competitor Analysis App, click on the product name to view and check the analyzed results.

2. In the Compare List, you may check the price, revenue, item sold, stock, and the rating of the competitor’s product.
* The data will be fetched daily.

3. From the Performance Charts, you may check the data for the last 30 Days.

4. Moreover, you may choose a particular product or variant to compare. Just click on Choose Products, tick on the product, and Apply.

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