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How to Configure Shopee & Lazada Shipping Label Settings

Customize your Shopee & Lazada Shipping Label by configuring the setting on General, Shipping Label Template, Pick List Template, Packing Listing Template, Invoice Template, and the Courier Service Settings.

You can also Copy the Settings from one Shopee or Lazada store to another store.

From the top of Shipping Label Settings, you can customize the AWB format and printing option for both Lazada and Shopee marketplace.

You can enable the Express Fulfillment status to ease your fulfillment process – How to Process Order with Express Fulfillment

While for Shopee, you can choose to print out the Shipping Label paper in A5 (Twin Page) or A6 size in a single page.

General Settings

1. For Shopee, fill in the Store Name, Contact Number, Address that will reflect the details on your customized Shipping Label.

2. For Lazada, choose the ‘Default Shipping Provider‘ and the ‘Set Status to‘ after Arrange Shipment.

Note: If your fulfillment team will pack the order parcel immediately after print out the Shipping Label, without worries about the penalty of Lazada Package Not Ready (PNR), you can set it to “Ready to Ship”.

3. You can enable the Auto Arrange Shipment Settings status if you wish to let the system automatically perform ‘Arrange Shipment’ based on the scheduled time set.

Shipping Label Template

1. You can choose which template you prefer to print out for the custom shipping label. There are a few choices such as With Item List, With Fragile Label, Standard, and Others (Delivered by Seller).

2. You can customize the shipping label and preview it from the side.

Note: Auto Dropship’s Info only for Shopee CRM – How to Change Shopee Shipping Label Sender Information for Dropship

Pick List Template

1. Customize the Pick List information. Pick List is a long list of items on the selected order, which is printed separately with the shipping label. You can use Pick List to ease your item picking process.

Packing List Template

1. Customize the Packing List information. This packing list can be printed along with the shipping label.

Invoice Template

1. Customize the Invoice template, which you can set to print along with the shipping label.

Courier Service Settings

1. Each courier service can have different settings, click the ‘Edit‘ icon to customize.

2. For Shopee, choose the Arrange Shipment Method where will proceed after ‘Arrange Shipment’ to the order.

3. For Shopee, choose the Header Logo.

4. Then, choose the Shipping Label Template that you wish to print out.

5. You can choose if you wish to print your Shipping Label together with the Packing List or Invoice.

6. Select the number of Shipping Label Copies needed for your fulfillment process.

7. Then click on the ‘Apply‘ to save the courier settings.

Copy Settings

1. If you have multiple Shopee or Lazada stores, you can change the store channel here.

2. With multiple stores, you can also perform Copy Settings from store to store, to save time for settings configuration.

3. Choose the store to be ‘Copy To‘, and select the template settings.

4. Click the ‘Copy‘ button to proceed, and double-check the settings in each store.

Lastly, remember to ‘Save‘ the Shipping Label Settings once done the configuration.

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